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High Efficiency 100 110 120 Watt Solar Panel Price,Photovoltaic Solar Panel
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High Efficiency 100 110 120 Watt Solar Panel Price,Photovoltaic Solar Panel

  • AX-6P-100/110/120
  • Ocean SOLAR
  • Polycrystalline Silicon
  • 1020*670*30/35mm
  • 100w
  • 25 Years 80%
  • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Widely using of the most popular and mature type of modulesfor on-grid system.

  • Leading manufacturing technology in PV industry, strictly controlling the quality of raw materials and the process of producing.

  • 100% EL inspection, ensures modules are defects free.

  • Cells binned by current to improve module performance.

  • Anti reflective glass. Not only to increase the light absorption, but also to make the module has the function of self-cleaning in waterenvironment, effectively reducing the power loss caused by dust.

  • Outstanding performance in low-light irradiance environments.

  • Excellent mechanical load resistance:Certified to withstand highwind loads(2400pa) and snow loads(5400pa).

  • High salt and ammonia resistance

  • Positive power tolerance:0-+5w


  • 5 years product warranty

  • 10-years 90% of Min. rated output power,and 25-years 80% of Min. rated output power warranty.

Comprehensive Certificates

  • ISO 9001:2008: Quality management systems

  • lEC61215、lEC61730

  • CQC Certificate

  • CE Certificate

  • SGS-TUV Certificate

Raw materials and Mechanical Parameters
Type of Cells(mm): poly156.75×117
NO.of Cells and Connections: 4×9=36
Dimensions(mm)(L*W*H): 1120×670×35
Weight(kg): 8.2
Glass: 3.2mmTempered Glass
Encapsulation: EVA
Backsheet: Multilayer Composite
Aluminium-Frame: Silvery/Black Anodized aluminium alloy
Junction-Box: lP65/IP67
Cable: NA,but customized is acceptable
Connector: NA,but MC4 and MC4 Compatible are acceptable
Package Configuration: 4pcs/ctn

Performance Parameters
Maximum System Voltage: 700V
Operating Temperature: -45~+80℃
Maximum Series Fuse: 10A
Maximum Static Load,Front Side (e.x. Snow,Wind): 5400PA
Maximum Static L oad, Back Side(e.x. Wind): 2400PA
Application Grade: Class A

Electrical Parameters (Standard Test Condition)
Rated Maximum Power(Mp): 110W 120W
Power Tolerance: 0-+5W
Cell Efficiency: 16.80% 18.40%
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc): 22.4V 22.6V
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp): 17.4V 17.6V
Short Circuit Current(lsc): 6.78A 7.26A
Maximum Power Current(lmp): 6.33A 6.82A
Temperature Coefficient of lsc: +0.06%
Temperature Coefficient of Voc: -0.33%
Temperature Coefficient of Pmp: -0.45%
Standard Test Condition: lradiance:1000W/M2,Cell Temperature:25C,SpectrumAM:1.5

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