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Photovoltaic products are short of supply in short supply.
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Photovoltaic products are short of supply in short supply.

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The price of China's polysilicon spot market has risen to RMB120/kg, leading to a slight stabilization in other markets. Although most of China's polysilicon manufacturers have 100% full production at present, there are still some manufacturers in the condition of maintenance and limited supply, so that the follow-up price should be promoted again and stable RMB120~125/kg, and the prices of silicon chips and batteries continue to be pulled up.

In the near future, the overall supply chain manufacturers have already opened the crop dynamic rate to full under the existing manpower, but a lot of polysilicon wafers and battery section manufacturers can only drive up to 80% of the crops at most. The week's biggest increase. High quality silicon wafers are quite short of demand, driving single crystal, highly efficient and highly efficient polysilicon wafers, the price of single crystal is more than US$0.76/pc, and the price of polycrystalline is less than US$0.64/pc.

The price of the battery film continues to increase rapidly, not only the single crystal PERC is more than US$0.34/W, but the price of the polycrystalline battery is more obvious this week. The price of the battery sheet has reached US$0.22/W. The high efficiency polycrystalline battery chips with the conversion efficiency of more than 18.4% are also standing on the US$0.23~0.24/W, the mainland quotation is about RMB1.85/W, and more efficient. The price of crystal PERC has also risen sharply.

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