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Solar cell module
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Solar cell module

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A solar cell is a pair of devices that respond to light and convert light energy into electricity. There are many kinds of materials that can produce photovoltaic effect, such as: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, selenium indium copper, and the like. Their power generation principle is basically the same, and the crystal power generation process is now described by taking a crystal as an example. P-type crystalline silicon is doped with phosphorus to obtain N-type silicon to form a P-N junction.

When the light illuminates the surface of the solar cell, part of the photons are absorbed by the silicon material; the energy of the photons is transferred to the silicon atoms, causing the electrons to move away, and the free electrons accumulate on both sides of the PN junction to form a potential difference when the external circuit is turned on. At this time, under the action of this voltage, a current will flow through the external circuit to generate a certain output power. The essence of this process is the process of converting photon energy into electrical energy.

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