Ocean Solar

Focus on sustainable future not short-term benefits.
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Download List

Name Category Size Downloads Download
Solar Module.pdf Aoxuan Photoelectric 1.07MB 11 Download
AX-6P10.pdf Poly Solar Panel 233KB 3 Download
AX-6P15.pdf Poly Solar Panel 235KB 0 Download
AX-6P20.pdf Poly Solar Panel 230KB 0 Download
AX-6P30.pdf Poly Solar Panel 235KB 0 Download
AX-6P40.pdf Poly Solar Panel 226KB 0 Download
AX-6P50 60.pdf Poly Solar Panel 237KB 1 Download
AX-6P70 80 90.pdf Poly Solar Panel 241KB 0 Download
AX-6P100 110 120.pdf Poly Solar Panel 257KB 0 Download
AX-6P130 140.pdf Poly Solar Panel 264KB 0 Download
AX-6P150 160 170.pdf Poly Solar Panel 263KB 0 Download
AX-6P200 210 220 230 240.pdf Poly Solar Panel 263KB 0 Download
AX-6M40 45.pdf Mono Solar Panel 217KB 1 Download
AX-6M50 55 60.pdf Mono Solar Panel 210KB 1 Download
AX-6M80 90 100.pdf Mono Solar Panel 219KB 2 Download
AX-6M110 120.pdf Mono Solar Panel 234KB 0 Download
AX-6M150 160 170 180.pdf Mono Solar Panel 258KB 3 Download
Flex Solar Panel.pdf Mono Solar Panel 213KB 3 Download

Ocean Solar

With the super industry experience,persisting research,concentrating service to the guests and stable financial situation,aoxuan photoelectric will be a trustful,longlive companion.

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